reliable equipment


We are constantly investing in our fleet. We have a staff of dedicated mechanics that are dedicated to providing you with quality equipment. They attend dozens of hours of training every year to ensure they are ready to handle every situation.

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Time is money and we are ready to help you save! We can deliver on time and usually with very short notice. Multiple locations and fleet of delivery vehicles allow us to deliver at a moments notice wherever your job is.

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Accurate billing is a critical part of the relationship. An inaccurate invoice costs everyone time and money, so we want you to get the deal that was promised. Our system is designed so we can provide easy-to-read invoices that you can trust.

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Being a family-owned company, our employees have the flexibility to work with you when things don’t go according to plan. They are encouraged to keep your needs the priority and “make it happen” rather than get bogged down in any corporate red tape.