Inspired by input from equipment owners and operators like you, this nimble machine is loaded with customer-driven ideas. Such as a spacious cab with a wide entryway. Large expanse of glass for expansive visibility. Fuel-saving auto-shutdown and power/economy work modes. Plus three large service doors that allow wide-open access to maintenance items such as side-by-side coolers, for simplified core clean-out. 

  • Zero-tail-swing design make this compact extra maneuverable and plenty productive in places with tight spaces.
  • The EPA FT4/EU Stage IV technology in our excavators is simple, fuel efficient, fully integrated, and fully supported.
  • Auto-idle automatically reduces engine speed when hydraulics aren’t in use. Auto-shutdown further preserves every precious drop of fuel.
  • Redesigned cab’s wider, taller front glass and single-hinge door provide unsurpassed all-around visibility.
  • Hinged door provides wide-open access to the side-by-side oil cooler and radiator for easier core clean-out.
  • Operator station tilts forward 50 degrees, simplifying access to the swing motor, hydraulic control valve, engine starter motor, and alternator.
  • Truck sideboards are no problem for this compact. Lift height and reach are plentiful, making truck loading easy.