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DIY Project Tools
Your DIY Partner
Need a special tool for your latest DIY project? Call us to get the right equipment, and the right advice

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Make Your Next Project a Success

When it comes to home improvement projects there are two major obstacles for most people:

1. Not knowing how to do the work

2. Not having the right equipment.

At Bay Equipment Rentals we understand that. We train our staff to take the extra steps to make sure you understand your options when tackling a project. We review safety and use instructions to make sure you are comfortable with the equipment or tool rental. And most importantly—we pass along those insider Tips and Tricks on how to make the whole experience easier.

We save money by renting you the tools you need so you can own the results.

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If you rent, you get...

More space in your garage instead of rusty old equipment.

Professionally maintained equipment every time

A "green" alternative to owning and peace of mind that you are not adding yet another piece of equipment to the landfill someday.

A full line of late model, professional grade equipment

Expert Advice and instructions on how to use the equipment

Access to virtually any tool or piece of equipment. Just ask!

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If you own, you have to...

Buy it: when you only need it for one project.

Store it: who has that kind of space in their garage or shed?

Maintain it: it never starts the day you want to use it!

Loan it: your neighbor borrows it and then never returns it or returns it broken.

Get rid of it: when the “homeowner quality” equipment dies what do you do? Add it to the landfill!

More Renting Benefits

Expert advice on your project - Insider Tips and Tricks
We can deliver to your house and show you how to use it
A friendly and knowledgeable staff who really care about you and your project

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